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A political documentary exploring the quality of leadership failure in the most powerful office in the world. We’re looking at Obama very critically from both a right and left perspective. We’ll look at who conspired to sell us this bag of goods (the media and some pundits specifically)

Farenhype 9/11

Is it all hype? It is all about the money? Is Michael Moore’s Documentary full of facts, or full of crap. I had to see for myself. Farenhype 9/11 is an in depth look at Moore’s methods and claims, that comes up with more questions than answers. After finishing this film, it’s clear to me… Read more »

On Native Soil

When a million people buy a copy of a novel, Hollywood usually takes notice. When over a million people buy a copy of a 650 page, small print, government-issued book, even I have to pay attention. On Native Soil is a documentary about September 11. Using the 9/11 Commission Report we study the attack and… Read more »