Are The Fillings in Your Mouth Affecting Your Health?

There are more than 180 million Americans and half a billion teeth filled with amalgam fillings. Fillings that are 50% mercury. In your mouth. Every time you bite down, every time you chew, Mercury Vapors are released into your mouth. These vapors can travel into your cell membranes, across the blood-brain barrier, and into your nervous system. These vapors can cause psychological, neurological and immunological issues.

Children and Infants are at the highest risk, but anyone can be impacted. And the longer you have your fillings, the more likely it is that they will cause health risks. Europe and Cananda have already banned mercury in their fillings, why hasn’t the FDA done the same in the US?

In 2013 an international treaty named the United Nations Minamata Convention on Mercury called for the phasing out of many mercury containing products, including fillings, and the end of all mercury mining within 15 years. Even though the United States, along with more than 50 other countries, have signed the treaty, the FDA and ADA have stalled on an sort of implementation in regards to the mercury in your mouth. Calling for additional research, waste management, and a litany of other slow down tactics, the FDA and the ADA are preventing real change.

More research isn’t needed. We know the damaging affects of mercury. We know how to get rid of it. We just need to stand up and demand that our lives, and our mouths are kept safe from mercury.

This is an issue we need to raise awareness about! Most people aren’t even aware that those “silver” fillings they have in their mouth are made up of up to 55% mercury. And there is currently not law requiring your dentist to inform you of that fact. The ADA has use the FDA’s lack of regulation as proof of safety, when, in fact, it is anything but.

Griffin Cole, DDS, president of the IAOMT, stated in a press release:

“We have banned mercury in disinfectants, thermometers, and many other consumer products… There is no magic formula that makes mercury safe when it’s put into our mouths. It’s inexcusable to use mercury in dental fillings when there are much safer alternatives.”

We have removed mercury from cleaning products, from thermometers, from numerous other products, because of it’s toxic affect, why is it still allowed in your mouth? Mercury is a pollutant. The mercury dentists use can be traced all the way to waste water treatment plants. Almost 50% of the mercury in waste water has been shown to come from these dental amalgams. 3.7 tons of mercury a year!

What can you do? First, have your mercury fillings removed, by a qualified dentist, on who will take precautions, as the removal of mercury fillings can cause a significant amount of mercury vapors.

Second, spread the word. Most people have no idea of the dangers lurking in their own mouths! Help me let people know what dental amalgams are and why they should be removed.

And third, contact your politicians! Let them know that this is an issue that is important to you. Let them know you think it’s disgraceful that Europe and Canada have banned mercury fillings but we have not. Let them know you think its treacherous to allow something in your mouth you wouldn’t allow in cleaning products!

Join with me today!